Connect with Customers through their Preferred Channel – Mobile

Millions of consumers use text and messaging apps in their personal life each day, and now they want to message the same way with businesses. An easy, cost-effective way for you to deliver a faster, smarter and more personalized conversation, Salesforce® LiveMessage (formerly LiveText Agent) enables conversations that engage your mobile customers in the most efficient and effective way.


Meet your Customers on the go

Time is valuable. Make it easier for your customers to contact you on the go using the messaging apps they prefer, such as SMS and Facebook Messenger. Because they’re no longer tied to a web browser or left waiting on hold, customers don’t need to dedicate time to contact you. LiveMessage enables them to start a conversation with an agent instantly, get the answers they need – and get on their way.



Empower your Agents

Today customers demand a more personalized expereince, no matter what channel they come to you through. Your agents should have the tools needed to provide this. With LiveMessage, agents have all of the context and intelligence they need from Salesforce to keep the conversation going – all without ever leaving the Lightning Console.


Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Mobile messaging allows your agents to fix problems faster and improve resolution rates. Contact centers that have implemented LiveMessage have seen 20-30% of their inbound activity transform from voice to rich 2-way message conversations in weeks. Agents are able to handle several sessions in parallel, improving response times and reducing unpopular hold times for phone-based support.