We text with our families and friends but today we generally can’t text with businesses. Why not?

Multi-channel contact centers have not equipped agents with a texting channel for scalable customer texting. Individual sales and service people likely have their own mobile phone, but who wants to give out your private number to customers? Further, many companies have prohibited texting because they could not assure texting would fit their corporate compliance requirements.

HeyWire has solved these problems with the HeyWire LiveText mobile messaging service. HeyWire can now text-enable all your customer-facing professionals for safe, compliant, conversational texting with customers.

HeyWire LiveText Apps

Conversational Texting for Business

HeyWire LiveText connects customers with businesses using two-way, conversational texting, equipping all the customer-facing professionals in your business for secure, business-class text messaging.

HeyWire LiveText adds customer texting to your existing toll free numbers and office phone numbers and provides award-winning text messaging apps spanning contact center agent consoles to mobile employee’s devices, all built around a common, cloud platform with robust Developer APIs.

HeyWire LiveText Apps

LiveText Agent

Customers text with your contact center agents
using your branded 1-800 and business numbers.

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Business Messenger

Customers text one-on-one with your sales and service
personnel using their office phone numbers.

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The HeyWire LiveText Platform

HeyWire LiveText is at its core an open, scalable platform. The LiveText Platform bridges mobile text messaging into your business processes and systems, so all of your employees can safely interact with customers within the compliance requirements of your company.