About HeyWire, a Salesforce Company

HeyWire, a Salesforce Company provides the conversational messaging channel customers prefer, and businesses need in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

HeyWire (acquired by Salesforce on September 15, 2016) enables businesses to directly connect customers to brands by text-enabling existing 1-800 and business phone numbers; supporting conversational messaging from start to completion.

Our History

In 2008, HeyWire launched the world’s first implementation of ‘mobile cloud messaging’. Instead of being associated with a physical mobile device, an SMS message could be associated with the identity of the individual (via the phone number), thus allowing text messages to be sent and received from any device, anywhere and at any time.

HeyWire’s first product based on this innovation was a consumer messaging app available on the Apple iOS and Android platforms that enabled users to move seamlessly between their mobile phone, tablet, PC or any other device with an IP connection.

Circa 2012, HeyWire was being asked by businesses whether this technology could work for business landline numbers.  The answer was yes, since HeyWire had already tested and verified its own business phone numbers (both existing fixed and toll-free 1-800 numbers) earlier in 2008.

HeyWire launched its business messaging services in 2013 with Business Messenger on *both* the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms with support for Windows, Mac and Web clients, enabling business to easily add texting to their landline numbers and text with customers from their device of choice.  In 2014, Heywire launched its LiveText Agent (now Salesforce LiveMessage) product for Salesforce to address the needs of larger companies that utilize 1-800 toll-free numbers for their contact centers.

Through its relationships with mobile and fixed line carriers, hub providers, content networks and other key industry entities such as public and private directory registries, HeyWire continues to innovate and provide unique mobile messaging services on a global scale.