Make Service More Personal with Conversational Messaging

Now it’s easier than ever for your customers to have a personalized, 2-way conversation using the messaging apps they prefer, such as SMS and Facebook Messenger.

By adding conversational messaging to your existing 1-800 and shortcode numbers, you enable customers to message you and empower your agents to message back. Your customer has the same experience they would messaging a friend, and your agent has all the context and intelligence they need to keep the conversation going — and all without ever leaving the Salesforce Lightning Console!

Salesforce LiveMessage for Contact Centers

Salesforce LiveMessage (formerly HeyWire LiveText Agent) adds the new, conversational messaging channel to your contact center, one that becomes 20-30% of your inbound activity within weeks. Quickly increase customer satisfaction and reduce overall support costs through higher agent utilization and reduction in voice channel overhead. All this by allowing customers to message you using the channel they prefer and directly within the Salesforce console.

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Business Messenger for Service Professionals

We’re making some changes. Stay tuned for a new and improved 1 to 1 Salesforce business messaging solution.

It’s So Easy to Text-Enable Your Business Phone Numbers – Learn How:

It takes less than a day to add business texting to any office landline or 1-800 toll free number.  Find out how you can add texting as a channel for all your customer-facing professionals.

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