How to Become Your Customer’s New BFF The “What Customers Want” Infographic

Consumers are always looking for an easier way to get things done. But do they really want to text a business? You might be surprised at just how much your customers (and prospective customers) want to use their thumbs to...
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How Does Customer Texting for Business Work?

Text-Enable Your Current Business Numbers Most people think texting is only for mobile phones, but it is now possible to text-enable the toll free and business numbers your company already uses for sales and service. You don’t need to add...
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business texting myths

Breaking the Top 3 Business Texting Myths

Texting for business is still a new concept to many. It’s the missing piece to your omni-channel customer service strategy, and many aren’t aware of the impact this channel can have for consumers. We’re revolutionizing how this new channel connects...
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The Best Contact Center Investment You Can Make This Year

BTW: Your Customers Want to Text You As you look at the many investments you need to make in your contact centers, you’re probably wondering where new digital channels fit in the mix. You know your customers are mobile. You’ve...
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Texting for Airline Customer Service

The airline industry couldn’t be more mobile and it’s critically important to be able to connect with guests and prospective customers on-the-go. That personal touch spans from initial interactions around reservations and services to individualized communications as your agents engage 1-to-1...
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Collecting Quality Customer Feedback

Comes From Asking Quality Questions You’ve been that customer: You’re in the store, trying to browse in peace, but growing annoyed at the store associate who won’t stop asking how you’re doing. Even when they aren’t trying to push a...
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10 Reasons to Use AppExchange Apps Right Now

HeyWire Makes Dreamforce 2015 List of Top Customer Service Apps That Customers Love

Dreamforce ’15 was the biggest, best, and most insightful Dreamforce ever. Salesforce learned so much that they decided to pack all the great advice, app recommendations, and awesome customer stories into one mega e-book: Dreamforce ’15 Recapped: 10 Reasons to...
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What Happens When Mom Makes an Important Phone Call

Here’s a fun comic from Nick at Nite show “Nickmom.” Can you see where the value of 2-way business texting with your customers can help busy parents? Texting can also open a new feedback channel that is less disruptive and...
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6 Ways Around Paper Processes for Your University Admissions Office

There’s an awful lot asked of folks working in college admissions. You’re supposed to be Yoda, wisely answering questions lobbed your way by anxious students and their even more anxious parents. You’re expected to know the details of each applicant,...
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