Mobile Messaging for Businesses That Care about Customer Engagement

Texting is the #1 activity on mobile devices. But you can’t text TO a business for sales and service. That is, until now…

HeyWire LiveText is revolutionizing customer experience and business productivity by enabling mobile consumers to easily text with businesses.


Customers text your mobile sales and service teams for one-on-one conversations.

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Customers text your contact center agents via 1-800 numbers for services and sales.

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It’s Easy to Text-Enable Your Business Phone Numbers

It takes less than a day to add business texting to any office landline, VOIP or 1-800 toll free number and it won’t impact your voice calls.

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SMS Text Existing Business Numbers
Texting is safe for business

Separate Business from Personal

In an age of bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) many business have prohibited customer texting since it was impossible to meet corporate compliance requirements. Now you can… even with an archive of your important business text conversations!

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Delight Your Customers

Texting is by far the #1 activity by mobile consumers. Make it easy to connect with your brand in the moment of need for sales or service!

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